How it Works

It's an elementary system, but you only get out what you put in.

The premise is simple: a standardised web platform to allow companies to generate, manage and reward referrals.

Step 1: Register your company
Step 2: Create a reward plan for referrers
Step 3: Inform your customers, suppliers, friends, neighbours, etc
Step 4: Manage and reward the successful referrals

See, simple, everyone is happy.

The referred is happy as they know they are dealing with a "known" company that has a track record and the referrer's personal recommendation.

The company is happy because it has a new "warm" lead, provided by a happy past customer.

The referrer is happy because they will be rewarded for every successful lead.

The idea is to reward those who make an extra effort to promote your services by awarding them points. Points can either be spent in the activeREFER shop, converted to cash or donated to charity.

The more you invest in the activeREFER system the better it becomes and the more referrals you can generate.

Happy Referring.


activeREFER is the new way to encourage referrals. Referrers are rewarded with points for passing companies successful referrals. Points can be spent in the activeREFER online shop, converted to cash or donated to charity!

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