Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is...

What is a referral?
A referral is a business enquiry or lead (name & contact details) that has been passed to a company by a referrer.
What is a referrer?
A referrer is a person who knows of someone who requires the product or services a company offers and gives that person's details to the company.
What is a reward plan?
A reward plan details the type of referral a company is looking for and the reward (in points) they offer for successful referrals.
What is a reward point?
A reward point is the virtual currency of the activeREFER system that is rewarded once a referral is successful.

Reward points equate to 10 points for every £1 so a £10 reward would be 100 points.

Reward points can be converted into cash or donated to the charity or even spent in the activeREFER online shop.
What is a referee?

An official who makes decisions relating to a match :)

We tend to say that the person or company that has been referred is the referred or referred party as a referee is sports-related match official.


What does it cost?
There are no joining fees and the free system allows you to do everything apart from manage more than three referrals at a time. The only charge on the free system is a cost of rewarding successful referrers as you have to purchase reward points. There is a Pro system you can upgrade to that has a monthly cost in return for managing unlimited referrals and a host of additional features.
Why are referrals good?
A referral could be considered to be a hot lead in company terms. A person is more likely to use a company because this company has been recommended to them by a person they know and trust. In essence, the referrer is doing the sales work for the company.
Why should the referrer get a reward?
Any product or service needs to be marketed to raise awareness and generate customers.

If it costs £10 per advert to find a new customer, why should the referrer not get that £10 for finding that customer?

We believe activeREFER can be a strong addition to any marketing strategy by encouraging past customers to refer.
Does the person/company referred get an incentive?
This is down to the individual company reward plan although we do strongly recommend it and the system allows for incentives.
What are the incentives?
Companies can add incentives to their reward plans to encourage referrals, like additional discounts or free extras.
Do the reward points expire?
No, they are eternal or until the end of the internet and then we may transfer them into whatever replaces the internet (probably the singularity).
Are there any downsides to using this system?
None that we can think of.
Can businesses give referrals and receive reward points?
Of course, the system works with both individuals and companies. Though at the moment our online store is more tailored to individuals it will have suitable business rewards in the near future (gadgets, laptops, servers, etc).
Why should we use this system?
The main reason is that it allows you to tap into the vast potential of encouraged referrals from your customer base.

At the very least, it gives you a reason to contact your past customers to see if they can pass any new leads your way.

What if...

What if a company acts in bad faith and does not reward?
The system is designed to encourage good-faith, though there is a raise-a-dispute feature that allows referrers to flag a referral that may have been classed as "unsuccessful" accidentally.

After three disputes, the company is suspended, pending an investigation by the activeREFER team.

The integrity of the system is paramount to the ethos of activeREFER.
What if a referral is unsuccessful?
Not all referrals will be successful and companies have the option to class a referral as unsuccessful.

If a referral has been mistakenly classed as unsuccessful, then the referrer can raise a dispute which is then passed to the activeREFER team for mediation.
What if a referral is SPAM?
There is a option to class a referral as SPAM.

It then gets passed to our referral team, who make the final judgment.

If it is a SPAM referral, then no further action is needed. If it has been mistakenly classed as SPAM, it will be made active again.
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activeREFER is the new way to encourage referrals. Referrers are rewarded with points for passing companies successful referrals. Points can be spent in the activeREFER online shop, converted to cash or donated to charity!

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