Free to Use

To get your feet wet, you can use the system for free.

For companies, there are two types of account; Free or Pro. Both accounts can create reward plans though the free account is limited to 3 reward plans. Both accounts generate links to reward plans on the activeREFER site, though the Pro account landing page can be customised. Both accounts can purchase reward points to reward to successful referrers, though the Pro account charges are lower. When it comes to referrals, the free account can manage up to 3 referrals at a time where as the Pro account can manage unlimited referrals. When a free account receives more than 3 referrals the additional referrals are partially hidden until one of the 3 referrals is either marked as Successful, Unsuccessful or SPAM.

The system is free for individuals to use to make referrals, spend or donate points. If an individual wants to convert points into cash there is a transaction fee and that's the only charge for individuals.

You are just a quick step away from starting.


activeREFER is the new way to encourage referrals. Referrers are rewarded with points for passing companies successful referrals. Points can be spent in the activeREFER online shop, converted to cash or donated to charity!

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