What is ActiveREFER?

You could call us a Referral Engine, giving companies a simple framework to encourage or "drive" referrals from past & existing customers.

The idea is to encourage you to make a referral by passing on the details of a friend, relative, acquaintance, etc. who you feel is in need of the company's product or service.

Once you have made a referral, the company can then follow up the lead and if it turns into a sale you get rewarded with points.

Points have a cash value and can be converted into cash, donated to charity or spent in the ActiveREFER shop.

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activeREFER is the new way to encourage referrals. Referrers are rewarded with points for passing companies successful referrals. Points can be spent in the activeREFER online shop, converted to cash or donated to charity!

We are keen to hear your thoughts on activeREFER.

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